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TR-CERT FAQ ( Cert )

How can I understand that there is a Security Incident at My Institution?

Computer security incidents appear as suspected adverse events at first. You can identify suspected events by using reports from your institution, inoperative servers, firewall records and similar sources. Suspected events should be scrutinized in order to identify whether there is an actual security incident or a wrong alert. You can contact TR-CERT for more detailed information or for support in creating a CERT.

Which Incidents should be reported to TR-CERT?

You can report to TR-CERT all the computer security incidents you identify at your institution. These incidents are: 
  • Harmful code
  • Port scanning
  • Imitation of your website 
  • Denial-of-service attack 
  • Changes to your website 
  • Unauthorized access 
  • ....

Why should I Report Incidents to TR-CERT?

TR-CERT is informed and experienced in computer security incidents and has knowledge about computer incidents throughout the country, attack methods used and the sites which are the sources of such attacks.  TR-CERT also keeps contact with other CERTs abroad and with the concerned domestic institutions.  Consequently, TR-CERT will find a solution to the computer security incident at your institution as soon as possible and with minimum harm to your system.  Furthermore, each of your incident reports will let us know about the dimensions of country-wide security incidents, overall problems, and the big picture in the country.

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